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Monday, October 17, 2011

A tea party - handmade

 One day, my daughter decided, it would be lovely to have a tea party. After a lot of confusion between tea party and birthday party - doesn't the one come with the other? She managed to invite a couple of friends for an after school outing in the woods of Mountshannon. I love this woodland, the trees still carry magic, a little stream which intercepts your path here and there while you walk joining a more substantial river further on. Up until now, my two were wading in the river, walking along, while I walked the path. Under bridges, upstream and downstream, pushing brambles and grass out of their way while they walked.  But not now, autumn has come and a cold wind has settled in. We were lucky, her tea party enjoyed the last bit of warm sunshine in their woolly cardigans, vests and jumpers.
Giving a helping hand to climb a gate                                            

Mia has done a wonderful job creating this vest using Noro yarn

Handmade hat by Elizabeth using Kolibri 

My daughter wearing a cardigan I made- she choose Kolibri Purple

Watching horses

My son, this top has been made out of left over yarns he chose himself; the green is the irish donegal aran tweed, the red is a 2 string mix of red and orange alpaca wool and the multicoloured botton part is handspun, which I spun and dyed myself. 

All sitting on the gate, watching draught horses grazing.

This red cardigan has been hand knitted by this beautiful girl's mama, Rachel. It uses the same pattern like I used for my daughter's cardigan, but Rachel is the more adventorous and experienced knitter so she transformed it into something else! I got a lovely front flower pocket, which I am very tempted to copy ;)
The cardigan used the Kolibri Temptation (pure wool), Manos red would be a softer substitude (pure Merino)

Little boy busy at work collecting firewood. He is wearing a handmade vest, knitted in basket-weave, 

I enjoyed taking pictures of her, even though, she wasn't easy to catch ;)

Such a beautiful girl - enjoying cups of warm mint tea and cake

Playing by the river - you can see the drops of water - somebody threw a big rock in...

And here we are, wearing winter hats - autumn has come...

I hope you enjoyed our little tea party;
thank you.

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  1. Ach now Jenny, This is all so beautiful. I can feel the woods and smell the clean air and hear the laughter and chat of all these amazing little ones.
    Thanks for sharing this day. That Kolibri yarn is really something, I simply adore it. xx