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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sock Crochet Workshop.        

Learn how to crochet socks for your little ones, family, friends and yourself.

A workshop on how to crochet socks, light, wearable and easily made. A little experience on how to crochet and basic pattern reading will be needed.
Hooks and yarn can be purchased on the day, but you are very welcome to bring your own. Please bring a 3.25mm hook and suitable yarn (for hook/needle size 3.25mm).

                  Starting Date: Tuesday, 7th of May (and every following 3 Tuesdays)

                  Time:                7pm – 9pm

                  Location:          Brigit’s Hearth, Raheen , Tuamgraney

                  Fee:                    55 / 45 Returnee (f you have joined a class before)

For bookings, more information and directions please phone Jenny on 087 0911275

Monday, January 23, 2012

Woolly Companions...

I like to write about new friends of mine, they are still a bit shy, but we are getting to know each other slowly. For months we have been looking at a rather shaggy meadow, neither myself nor my husband have managed to tidy it up over the last few months.
We are surrounded by organic fields, which are shared by horses, cows and sheep. It is the latter, we have now taking care of our disastrous meadow. Yesterday evening, our neighbour, Ross, has brought them through the hedge with the help of a yellow bucket and his most distinct 'sheep call' mmaaaaahhhh, maaaahhh....

One after another squeezed through the hedge, my son highly excited, jumped up and down, closed the poly tunnel and held bravely onto his fathers hand, fascinated by the new woolly mowing machines. Shy as they are, they welcomed the new juicy bushels of grass, but always watching the house out of the corner of their eyes. They didn't forget that they've been chased out of this garden more than once in the past years...

All the time I've been sitting in the living room, crocheting a jumper with gorgeous Noro wool for my little fellow, watching the sheep. My husband had gone off picking up our daughter, when I heard one sheep calling out and one by one left the juicy heaven to return into their own field. First I thought they got scared by some hammering noises up the road (they are very fleetly) or perhaps they just got to suspicious. My son was highly disappointed that they had gone, he wanted to surprise his sister.

Nonetheless, this morning, at ten o'clock I saw them one by one popping through the hedge into the garden again, enjoying a feast ever since. They love the brambles and ivy growing in the hedge. They had gone back into their field to sleep, at 9 o'clock this morning they very laying around the single hawthorn tree, waiting for the sun to touch the green grass... Our children will be delighted!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Woolly Gathering in the Wooden Spoon, Killaloe

Woolly Gathering in the Wooden Spoon, Killaloe, on Tuesday, October 25th 9.30am - 11.30am.

Everybody is very welcome, to join us for a coffee morning in the Wooden Spoon in Killaloe to do some knitting, crochet and other handwork; learn more about the Woolly Gatherings and Shop, meet the people involved and other craft makers from the area over a lovely cup of coffee. I it also a great opportunity to meet some of the tutors and to exchange some knowledge! It will be a lovely morning - looking forward to seeing you there! x Jenny

Monday, October 17, 2011

A tea party - handmade

 One day, my daughter decided, it would be lovely to have a tea party. After a lot of confusion between tea party and birthday party - doesn't the one come with the other? She managed to invite a couple of friends for an after school outing in the woods of Mountshannon. I love this woodland, the trees still carry magic, a little stream which intercepts your path here and there while you walk joining a more substantial river further on. Up until now, my two were wading in the river, walking along, while I walked the path. Under bridges, upstream and downstream, pushing brambles and grass out of their way while they walked.  But not now, autumn has come and a cold wind has settled in. We were lucky, her tea party enjoyed the last bit of warm sunshine in their woolly cardigans, vests and jumpers.
Giving a helping hand to climb a gate                                            

Mia has done a wonderful job creating this vest using Noro yarn

Handmade hat by Elizabeth using Kolibri 

My daughter wearing a cardigan I made- she choose Kolibri Purple

Watching horses

My son, this top has been made out of left over yarns he chose himself; the green is the irish donegal aran tweed, the red is a 2 string mix of red and orange alpaca wool and the multicoloured botton part is handspun, which I spun and dyed myself. 

All sitting on the gate, watching draught horses grazing.

This red cardigan has been hand knitted by this beautiful girl's mama, Rachel. It uses the same pattern like I used for my daughter's cardigan, but Rachel is the more adventorous and experienced knitter so she transformed it into something else! I got a lovely front flower pocket, which I am very tempted to copy ;)
The cardigan used the Kolibri Temptation (pure wool), Manos red would be a softer substitude (pure Merino)

Little boy busy at work collecting firewood. He is wearing a handmade vest, knitted in basket-weave, 

I enjoyed taking pictures of her, even though, she wasn't easy to catch ;)

Such a beautiful girl - enjoying cups of warm mint tea and cake

Playing by the river - you can see the drops of water - somebody threw a big rock in...

And here we are, wearing winter hats - autumn has come...

I hope you enjoyed our little tea party;
thank you.

Friday, September 2, 2011

'Basic recipe' - how to knit socks made easy!

Knitting Socks workshop! 

Knitting Socks workshop!On the 13th and the 27th of October 10am-12.30! Edell McLoughlin has kindly offered to teach knitting socks once more - 10 Euros/session. All yarns and needles are available in the shop, but you can bring your own, of course. Only 10 Spaces available, please book ahead! 087 0911275

IF you would like to see some more of Edell's work, please visit her ravelry page:

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

KNITTING Contemporary patterns and styles

           Contemporary patterns and styles

           Dates: Every Thursday
                      September 1st  - October 6th

There will be plenty of handouts along with a choice of easy-to-follow patterns or you can bring your own. Classes cover pattern reading, finishing items, buttonholes, cables, and a wide range of stitches.
This is a favourite class! Early booking advised.
Duration:      6 weeks 10am  12.30pm
Teacher:       Sarah Thompson
Costs:           €12 per session
                     €45 Returnees (single payment)
                     €60 First timers (single payment)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

FREE workshops / demos in association with CELT

FREE workshops / demos in association with Woolly Gathering : Crochet, Knitting, Spinning, Natural Dyeing, Felting - bring along your own projects and join in, there will be Crafts and Supplies for sale! Also Herb Lore walk + talk with Kes Clarke

Saturday, 20th of August 2011
12 - 4pm

Community Garden Scariff, Co Clare

Contact for more info: Jennifer: 0870911275 or CELT office: 061-640765 (Sarah)