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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spinning with the drop spindle - a bit of fun!

Spinning with the drop spindle - an interesting art and craft. Beautiful to watch, but even more nurturing to do. We were a group of 8, some with experience, some without. After we established the differences between fibres and spindles we got finally started. Week one was prone to be frustrating and whenever you decide to pick up  spinning - rule number one: take your time. It is only through doing it again and again that you will finally be able to spin long stretches. Anyway, week two was a great meeting. By the end of it everybody seemed to have found an understanding of the fibre and were able to spin on the drop spindle. At least that was the impression I got ;)! Thank you for coming and hopefully I will see you again for the 'advanced class'!!!

Handspun Yarn

Carding the wool

Spinning the fleece

Getting a good twist!

Love these boots....

Henneke's first handspun yarn, from her own shetland sheep's fleece

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