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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Nuno Felting Workshop - for Beginners and intermediate

An insight into the popular nuno-felting technique; which is essentially felting into fabric and vice versa. We will be looking and sampling  several fabrics that can be used to create amazing texture to your felt work.

Material Costs: .35 Euros (due on booking)
this covers a treasure bag full of  special fibres, wool, fabrics etc. and a length of silk for the final project.

Limited spaces available, please ring or e-mail for booking. 

Week 1 starting 12th of May 2011

- Introduction to the different wool and natural fibres
- Introduction to felting/nuno felting techniques
- Introduction on the tools needed
- practrical experience: creating a sample piece of felt

Week 2

- Introduction to silk fibre and fabric in combination with wool
- practical experience: creating a sample piece of nuno felt

Week 3

- Experiencing fibres
- different laying out techniques
- getting ready for the final project

Week 4

- Choosing a project
- First steps

Week 5 - 6
- Project Work
- Problem solving
- Finshing off

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